6 Fashion Finds for a Festive Mood This Holiday Season

6 Fashion Finds for a Festive Mood This Holiday Season

Show up in a gorgeous holiday outfit this season and get everyone in a festive mood! Check out these hot fashion finds for the 2021 holiday season.

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What's one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday season? Stepping out in an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself!

One of the best ways to improve how you feel on the inside is to feel confident in how you look on the outside. Remember, this doesn't mean conforming to what other people expect you to wear. It's about wearing what you love!

Not sure how to start wearing clothes that make you feel positive and confident? Check out these fashion finds for some inspiration! Let your cheerfulness and love of your clothing choices shine through and inspire everyone during these holidays.

1. Make a Difference Tee

When you choose your holiday attire, consider the message that you really want to be spreading this holiday season. Is it all about you, or is there more reason for the season?

The Make a Difference Tee spreads a message of goodwill, cheer, and humanitarian efforts to your holiday outfit.

Fashion can make a difference, and this teeshirt proves it. Proceeds from your purchase go towards the Ghana Make A Difference campaign which offers housing and education for children rescued from labor trafficking. Now that's a real reason to celebrate.

The red, yellow, and green represent Ghana's flag, but they also make this a perfectly festive holiday shirt. Pair it with a simple pair of jeans and black boots, or dress it up unexpectedly with a black skirt and a light leather jacket.

2. Updated Plaid Dress

Think of your favorite childhood Christmas dress and give it a fashion 2021 update. The silhouettes of the season are all prairie dresses in cute cottagecore styles, flirty bubble dresses, and of course, the ever-green fit and flare. 

Something about red and green plaid never goes out of style when it comes to Christmas clothing, and an adult silhouette will keep you from looking like you're about to go to your school's pageant to sing Jingle Bell Rock.

Let the plaid take the main focus of attention and keep the rest of the outfit subdued. We recommend a plaid dress with dainty gold jewelry, minimal makeup (except a must-have red lip!), sheer black tights, and little black booties.

3. Tweed Pants

Do you like holiday clothing that straddles the line between formal and casual? What about clothing that sits in between men's fashion and women's fashion? If you answered yes to either or both questions, a pair of tweed pants are a must-have for your holiday wardrobe.

They're sophisticated, understated, and festive all at the same time. Not sure how to wear them?

Make sure you get a well-fitted pair to show off your assets, and then let your creativity shine on top. Wear your tweed pants with a colorful fitted turtleneck and a blazer in a complementary or neutral color.

If you're going for a neutral style, look at the individual colors of the tweed for inspiration. Finish it off with a silk scarf or eye-catching piece of jewelry.

4. Colorful Beanie

Holiday trends aren't all about looking cute. There's a certain amount of practicality to be accounted for as well. You need to stay warm, after all.

Your choice of headwear doesn't have to be bland or merely practical. You can spread holiday cheer by simply running to the grocery store by wearing something merry and bright on your head.

Look for beanies with colorful confetti yarn to get the biggest effect in a single article of clothing. Or, if you're more of a minimalist, choose a beanie in a single bright, festive color. Extra points if you find one with a fluffy pom-pom or unique shape.

5. Victorian Inspired Silhouettes

Do you live for carolers, Charles Dickens, and A Visit From Saint Nicholas? If so, you totally fall into the Victorian traditionalist category when it comes to Christmas celebration styles. Lean into that picturesque Christmas dream by wearing a dress that matches!

There are lots of dress options with Victorian-inspired silhouettes that don't break the bank or look too over the top. Look for high necks, button detailing, fitted tops, and flared-out skirts. Pair it with a pair of heeled boots and patterned tights for a dazzling and eclectic look.

Looking for men's wear inspiration? Lean into the Victorian look with a waistcoat.

You don't have to go all top hat and tails to capture the essence, and a waistcoat is an attractive way to dress up a simple collared shirt a little bit more. Choose one that stands out and contrasts with your pants to avoid looking overly formal.

6. Champion Dad Cap

Are your holiday celebrations more laid back? Does it look more like sweatpants or jeans while opening presents rather than a fancy dinner party?

There's no reason that you can't still spread a positive holiday message while keeping things chill. Add a Champion Dad Cap to your typical holiday wear this year.

The message is simple and positive. That's what the holidays should be all about, right? Thinking good thoughts and being happy among your loved ones.

Fashion Finds to Reflect the Season

Whatever your vibe is for the holidays, these fashion finds can help to inspire your whole holiday attire. Remember, the idea is for you to love what you wear! You can't go wrong with style when you're supporting your own positive outlook and confidence in yourself.

Want more clothes that spread a good message and inspiration? Check out our full collection of tee shirts!

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