Hey there! I'm Carter Davis, co-founder of PSTV.

The PSTV story began alongside the pandemic in 2020 when the world was experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, divisiveness, and discouragement.

As a family, we realized that the world needed a little (maybe a lot) more positivity and kindness.

The mission was simple: promote positivity and kindness through unique and meaningful jewelry, hats, hoodies, and tees!


As I traveled around the country from 2021-2022 trying to decide where I would continue my academic and athletic endeavors after high school (spoiler... I chose Stanford), the need for postivity in the world became more and more apparent.

Time and time again, I would explain PSTV to people on airplanes, coaches recruiting me, future teammates, and countless others, and the response was always the same... "I need some PSTV swag to share the message, too!"


Simply wearing a PSTV bracelet or hoodie while traveling has sparked so many conversations about positivity that I can't even count them!

"Hey, I like your bracelet" is the just about the easiest conversation starter about positivity you will ever have!

As I opened up and shared my own positive outlook, beliefs, and words, life-changing experiences started to unfold before my eyes!

Those simple, positive interactions were life-changing for everyone involved!

Positivity is powerful, and I want you to have those powerful positive experiences as well!


Every piece we offer is designed to spark postive conversations with those around you.

When you wear PSTV you're reminding yourself and those you interact with that we have the power to see the good and spread the positivity inside us to everyone we meet.

Our themes of You Matter, Be Kind, Spread Love, Child of God, and others are meaningful and memorable.

We can't wait to hear more about the conversations you're having and the positive impact they're having on you, your friends, family, and the community around you!

LOVE, The Davis Family

We pray that you'll find inspiration as you think about the impact that one positive person can have in the lives of those you interact with each day.

A simple smile, a kind "hello" or an encouraging word can totally change someone's day (and even life)!

JOIN THE PSTV MOVEMENT TODAY by making the commitment to spread positivity to everyone you meet!