7 Happy Clothing Trends

7 Happy Clothing Trends

Are you looking for a new clothing trend to try? Click here for seven happy clothing trends that are sure to bring joy to anyone nearby.

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Your clothing says a lot about you. The way you dress reflects how you feel and what message you want to send to others. 

Many people use fashion to express themselves. You can express your support for a certain cause, play dress-up with new styles, or show your emotions. 

It might make you wonder: what are your clothes saying about you? 

Dressing with intention is a wonderful way to spread positivity. You may be surprised to know that there is such a thing as happy clothing. 

If you want to spread happiness and positivity with your fashion, check out these seven clothing trends. 

1. Statement Tees 

When we think about happy clothing trends, one of the first things that come to mind is a statement tee. This is a great way to exude positivity and the tee can say just about anything you want. 

This can promote just about any happy cause with an awesome statement tee. It is one of the easier ways to wear positive clothing. 

One company even goes beyond just etching on a positive quote across their products. PSTV Goods tees are made with positive intentions for the environment. Not only are they made from organic cotton, but each shirt also spares the waste of four plastic bottles. 

Now that's spreading positivity while saving the planet!

2. Rainbow Knit Sweaters 

Knit sweaters are great fashion trends for fall but they can also show your support. 

Since the 1970s, the rainbow flag has symbolized the LBGTQ+ community. It was created with the idea of the American flag in mind, adding in the colors to represent gay culture. Just as proud Americans wave the American flag, so do those who support gay rights wave the rainbow flag. 

Wearing a rainbow knit sweater conveys your support in the community. This is a wonderful piece to wear if spreading positivity is your outfit goal. Rainbows are also fun and bring lots of happiness when you see one. 

3. Bright Colors 

Different colors have a different effect on your mood. There are cool colors and warm colors, and each can evoke a different emotion. 

Greens and blues are often known as colder and calmer colors. Yellows and oranges are warmer and happier colors and can give your mood a happy boost. It can also have the same effect on the people around you. 

Orange is the color of happiness, energy, and enthusiasm. This is a great color to wear in a social setting to bring out a happy mood. 

Yellow represents warmth, brightness, and attention. You definitely cannot get lost in the crowd if you are wearing yellow. It is a fun color that will boost the energy of your neighbor. 

4. Voluminous Sleeves 

When we think about happy clothing designs, we think about something that stands out. One of the most trendy styles of this summer is a large sleeve on an otherwise tame blouse. 

Volume in the shoulders or a full-on balloon sleeve is trendy and happy as it conveys confidence. This type of sleeve is easy to style because it pairs well with something casual. The sleeves are already doing the work in this outfit so all you need to do is throw on your favorite jeans. 

This clothing trend makes you look fun and approachable to others, eliciting happy emotions. You can even double down by wearing a large sleeve in a bright color to show your happiness and self-esteem. 

5. Bold Prints 

Bold prints are another great way to spread happiness and positivity. An eye-catching statement piece ensures that you stand out in the crowd. 

These are also great conversation starters. It lets people know that you are approachable and you don't want to blend into the background. Bring a positive attitude to back up your positive outfit! 

A bold print on a maxi dress is a great way to style a summer or spring outfit. Bold prints can be very pleasing to the eye and evoke happy emotions. 

6. Dad Caps 

These are not for regular dads, they're for cool dads.

Any person wearing one of these can feel like a fun dad. This hat will bring out your inner child. It will remind you of going out to a ballgame with your dad and enjoying a summer day. 

Wearing a positive message on your dad cap is an easy way to spread happiness and positivity. 

The Champion Dad Cap is a great option if you want to show your positive side. This cap is simple yet effective in its message. As far as positive clothing trends go, this is an easy one to get on board with! 

7. Statement Hoodies 

Who doesn't love to wear comfortable hoodies? Hoodies with powerful positive messages make them even more fun to wear. 

A statement hoodie can express a cause that you support or a positive quote that is meaningful to you. You can get creative and make this as personal as you like. 

A truly awesome hoodie sends a positive and inspiring message with comfort to boot. 

Spread Positivity With Happy Clothing 

Not all clothes send the same message. Certain clothes and colors have a way of lifting our spirits and reminding us how important positivity really is. If you want some happy clothing in your closet, be sure to wear bright colors, statement tees and hoodies, rainbow sweaters, and dad caps. 

For an awesome selection of clothing with a positive message, be sure to visit our website and order yours today. 



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