Turning Frowns Upside Down: Creative and Effective Ways to Cheer Someone Up

Creative and Effective Ways to Cheer Someone Up

You have the power to spread joy and light! Turn frowns upside down with these creative and effective ways to cheer someone up.

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Has a loved one been feeling down? It's time for you to spread your light to them. 

If you need to cheer someone up, keep reading for our guide to making someone smile again. We've gathered the best tips for making the world a brighter, softer, and kinder place.

Tell Them You Love Them

Even if you've told your feeling down friend you love them a thousand times before, you can never say it enough. It's time to remind them that you still do, and always will, love them.

You can sit down one-on-one with someone, take their hand, and look them in the eyes and tell them.

You can also slip it into your everyday conversation. Greet them with an I love you and say goodbye with an I love you.

Another method is to write someone a special letter from the heart. You can include quotes to cheer someone up in your heart-to-heart note. One of the great things about notes is that anytime your person is sad, they can read your cheerful words again.

It's time to shower your loved one in affection, so they can't help but smile.

Send a Care Package

This is perfect for a loved one feeling blue who is far away from you. It's time to remind someone feeling sad that you've never stopped thinking about them.

You can buy beautiful care packages online to send. But if you want to add your special touch, construct the care package yourself.

You should include your someone's favorite things. Add in their favorite candy and snacks. Throw in a blanket and other comfort items.

Place some special, happy gifts in their care package. Buy a comfortable hoody with a hopeful message. 

If your person is a fan of stuffed animals, try to give them a new, fun friend. Do they love reading? Give them a book that will lift their spirits and remind them that the world is still beautiful.

Finish off your care package with a hand-written note to remind them you are always there if they need you.

Help Them Remember to Laugh 

People tend to get caught up in life and forget that everything is hilarious. It's time to spread joy. It's time to make your friend feeling sad remember that humans need to laugh.

Pull out the best jokes to cheer someone up with. Get ridiculous and let loose to help your friend smile more.

Read them joke books out loud and make bad puns out of every situation. Send them a joke every day through text. Highlight the goofiness in the world to make their day.

Bring out the funny and unexpected to help your friend regain their spirit.

Have a Heart-to-Heart

No matter how long your friend has been feeling down, you always need to be ready to be there for them.

A heart-to-heart can be different depending on the person. Sometimes, it means that they only want you to be with them and don't want to talk.

For those who want to talk it out, take a moment out of your day to call them or see them in person. 

You need to listen to them. Make sure that they know you are putting your all into making them feel safe. 

Only offer your advice if they ask for it. The main point of them coming to you is so that they can get their thoughts together and feel heard.

It always helps when you have someone you know will help you take on anything in your life. Be the person that all your loved ones need.

Get Away From It All

It's time to plan a trip. Your trip can be a weekend getaway, a day spent in your hometown, or a few hours exploring new places.

Getting away from it all is the act of creating a change of pace for the person who needs to find their smile again. It doesn't need a lot of money or exotic locations. It only requires your thoughtful planning.

Find out what your friend loves to do. That will be your road map to make their perfect day.

Do they love coffee? Take them to the best coffee shop you know and buy their drink and bakery treat.

Have they always wanted to go on a picnic? Create a spread that will make them feel like they are in a picture book.

Give them the fun day of a lifetime by making it all about them. Take their mind off of everything they can't seem to get away from and remind them that life is beautiful.

Create Something Together

Nothing makes a person happier than making something with their own hands. And if they create something with someone they love, it makes the experience all the more fun.

Take your loved one out to a painting class. You two can laugh and marvel and what you can create together.

Challenge each other to write fun poetry. Buy cheap hats and create your own uplifting logos on them through prints.

Try new hobbies together. Start a knitting project with them. It's time to create a blanket together that will share both of your memories.

Do you want your friend to regain their childhood spark? Weave flower bracelets and crowns together.

You can even get an entire group together to do a creative activity. Bake a cake with friends so your loved one is around positive energy.

Your friend won't be able to stop themselves from smiling. They'll be making something with people who care about their happiness.

Cheer Someone Up and Be Happy Doing It

You know how to cheer someone up and now it's time to use your skills to make someone's life a little better. Make it your mission to cheer someone up every day and you'll find your own life will improve.

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