How to Choose the Perfect Winter Hoodie

How to Choose the Perfect Winter Hoodie

Stay warm all winter long with comfortable and stylish hoodies. Learn how to choose the perfect winter hoodie for you. Read more here!

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Picture this - you are sitting with your loved ones in the mountains, listening to holiday music. The fire is roaring, and you sip sweet apple cider.

All is right with the world. What are you wearing, you may ask? Imagine the coziest, softest item in your closet.

It is soft against your skin, and the fabric melts into the shape of your body. A sweatshirt! Sweatshirts are a staple in the average American's wardrobe.

Read on to discover how to choose the perfect winter hoodie this season. 

Finding the Right Size

Sweatshirts are great clothing pieces because they can be layered on top of a shirt to add extra warmth and comfort. Most people do not like a tight fit and prefer looser, more comfortable sweatshirts which allow them to layer. 

The general rule of thumb with size is to go one size up from your typical t-shirt. This ensures that the sweatshirt will properly fit over the layer beneath, and leave some room. Buying a sweatshirt too small can result in an uncomfortably tight fit, and sleeves that are too small. 

Deciding on the Style

Sweatshirts have four main styles- the hoodie, the crewneck, the zip up, and the quarter zip. Each option can be great, depending on your fashion goals

The hoodie is a classic and is great for dependable comfort. Its main advantage is having drawstrings that can be pulled tightly, to keep your ears and head warm during cold winter months. Whether you are in the market for a winter hoodie for men or women, this can be an excellent gift for the holidays. The best winter hoodies are those made to last, for many years of enjoyment. 

The crewneck is a classic look, and many people who do not like the bulkiness of a hoodie opt for this. It can also be easily dressed up by wearing a collared shirt like a flannel beneath it. Many crewnecks come in the same designs offered in the hoodie version. 

The zip-up is another classic, and perfect if you are on the go. It is easy to quickly put on or remove. Rather than damaging your hair or makeup by pulling the sweatshirt over your head, the zip-up offers optimal convenience. Many women enjoy this option while getting ready for a big event, where they can do their hair and makeup and easily remove the sweatshirt once they are glammed up. 

Finally, the quarter-zip is increasing in popularity among younger people. They are seen across the country in university bookstores. This is a great option for people who like the look of a crewneck, but want a bit more breathing room around their neck and chest. They also work well to layer a flannel or button-down shirt underneath. 

If you're looking to pay it forward this holiday season, PSTV Goods can help you find the perfect cozy sweatshirt to give this holiday season. 

Considering Weight

Do you want a thick, bulky sweatshirt that will keep you warm through the winter months or something light that can be worn as a shirt? Ask yourself this question when considering how thick of a sweatshirt you would like. It truly depends on when you intend to wear it, and what other clothing will go along with it. 

Are you looking for something to throw on during late summer on the beach? A lighter option may be your go-to. Do you need a sweatshirt to wear under your jacket while skiing in the Alps? You may want to choose a thicker, more durable option. 

There are great styles available in both the thicker and lighter-weight sweatshirts. Depending on your lifestyle, consider what weight may best suit your needs. 

Deciding on That Perfect Material

As clothing technology has improved throughout the years, there has been a variety of materials introduced in the sweatshirt industry. Fleece, cotton, polyester, and terry cloth are just a few. 

With fleece sweatshirts, the outside may appear like any other normal sweatshirt material- either smooth to the touch, or fuzzy. These cozy pieces are characterized by their fuzzy insides. They are great to keep you warm, all winter long. 

Cotton sweatshirts are also very popular, and also are soft to the touch. It sits well against the body, and molds to your natural shape. Cotton is also easy to manage and can be dried on high heat. If you look at the tags of your favorite sweatshirts, many are probably made of cotton. 

Polyester sweatshirts are often seen in children's styles, as they are soft and snuggly. This fabric is soft to the touch, inside and out. A big advantage of this fabric is that it doesn't stain or wrinkle easily, making the sweatshirt wearable for years to come. 

Finally, terry cloth is an increasingly popular material in sweatshirts. Imagine the texture of a towel, and then make that into a warm overshirt. This is a great material because it isn't overly bulky- it can keep you warm in the winter but is not overly warm in the summer. Terry cloth is a great material to layer with. 

Stay Cozy All Winter Long With a Winter Hoodie!

Come visit us at PSTV Goods- we would love to help you find the perfect winter hoodie. Our creative shop sells goods for positive people and shares insight into how to improve your life. Whether you want to better engage your body and mind or pay it forward, we are your go-to guide. 

We wish you a wonderful and safe holiday season with your loved ones. Happy sweatshirt shopping!

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